Basic Breakaway Personalized Plastic Solid Dog Collars PTC003

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Static & Vibration
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300Meters Remote Dog Training Collar Electric Anti Bark 100LV Shock Vibra Lcd Display Trainer Controll

Trainer Vibrador Mascotas

19.99 USD

Item specifics Type:Dogs

Brand Name: Electric Dog Training Collar

Collar Type:Basic Collars


Feature: Breakaway,Personalized

Season:All Seasons


Item Type:Remote Dog Training Collar

Training Collars Function:Shock + Vibra

Model :Training Collars

Pet Training Collars Color: Black

Training Collars Rechargeable:YES

Effective Fit Dogs:

from 10 to 120 pound dogs

Remote Pet Dog Training Collar:

Training & Behaviour Aids

Applicable Dog Breed:pet dog

Levels of vibration & static:



1. Antenna: transmit the signal to Receiver Collar

2. LED lamp: the lamp will light when you press the button of LED light

3. LCD Screen:

Static mode: under this mode, press "Y" button, Receiver will shock; press up/down button, can adjust the

level of Static shock from 0 to 100.

Vibration mode: under this mode, press "Y" button, Receiver will vibrate; press up/down button, an adjust

Vibration level from 0 to 100.

Beep mode: under this mode, press "Y" button, Receiver collar can get beep sound.

Light mode: under this mode, press "Y" button, the green LED light in the Receiver will flash every one second,

it is convenient to let you know where your pet is.

Channel 1: select to encode between transmitter and one of receiver collar

Channel 2: select to encode between transmitter and 2nd of receiver collar

4. Up/down button: intensity level button for Vibration and Static Shock

5. LED lamp button: when pressing the LED light button, the lED lamp in the Transmitter will light

6. Channel button: press the button, can select to encode between transmitter and one of receiver collar,

or another one

7. Launch button: after you finish mode select, press this button for confirmation.

8. Mode button: include 4 modes: Static Mode, Vibration Mode, Beep Mode and LED lamp mode


Brand new Dog Electric Training Collar

Provides a professional 100 level shock & 100 level Vibration with LCD Remote Electric Training Collar

Adjustable the length of belt to fit most kind of dog from 10 lbs to 120 lbs

The strong static impulse can penetrate the hair of the pet and fabric within 6mm thick. It is unnecessary to

let the discharging point touch the skin of the pet. Therefore it is safe for the pet.

The static impulse can quickly and effectively curb the improper deeds of the pet.

With the movement induction power switch in the collar receiver, it will turn on/off automatically to save power.

Convenience of easy-to-read LCD screen shows the stimulation level

Lightweight and non-obtrusive collar

Pager non-electrical stimulation

300 meters away from the control

Matching Receiver and Transmitter:

1. Install the batteries of the remote - ensure the polarity is correct.

2. Choose channel 1 of the remote, then install the batteries of one collar. Then press the launch botton of the

remote to encode. Please install the batteries into the remote at first .Then install batteries in the collar.

Press the 'Y ' key on the remote immediately after the collar emits a 'beep' sound, then collar will give you

another 'beep' sound which means you got them synchronized. Press UP/DOWN button at the right side of the remote

to set level, press the up button begin at 001, or press the down button begin at 100 (Please note: since the remote

is power saving, it will turn off automactically if you don't use it for over 3 minutes. You could hold on the mode

button for 10 to 40s to wake up the LCD.)


- Length: 68mm Height: 35mm Width: 38mm

- Collar length adjustable from 35cm to 58cm.

- Weight: 60g (module + battery)

- Power: 2 x 1.5V AAA battery (included)


- Length:22mm Height: 128mm Width: 40mm

- Weight: 65g (with battery)

- Power: 2 x 6v batteries (included)

- LED signal light and illumination at night

- The sound function for attracting attention


1. When you press the vibration, please notice the number 1-100, it doesn't work on 000.

2. Please notice the button of 1/2, all the function of the receiver can only work with same number

3. The following situation can not work:

a: The battery no power, please change new battery

b: With wrong frequency, please match the right frequency again.

c. Vibration don't work on 000.

d.Goes into the standby mode, please wake it up

You should often check the battery by hearing the beep from the collar receiver and watching the indicator

light on the LCD screen of the transmitter.

The valid distance of remote control means the straight line distance between the transmitter and the collar

receiver without obstacles between them. If there are interference source around, the actual remote control

distance may vary.

This product is for pet training only, by training, the pet can understand the intention of its owner. Desirable

results can only be achieved after a period of training.

Training sessions should be kept positive and short, about 10-15 minutes each time.

What is included:

1xCollar Receiver


1xUser manual

1x Test light

2xLong metal probes

2xShort metal probes

2 x AAA battereis

2 x 4LR44 6v batteries

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