Electronic Water-proof and Rechargeable Dog Training Collar ABC743

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Item specifics

Collar Type:
Bark Collars

Main Features

Vibration Mode (V) warning prior to the stimulation

6 intensity levels (2-7) for a wide variety of dispositions

7 Sensitivity levels (1-7) adjustable for different dogs and environments

Easy testing method to check the No Bark Collar

Water-proof and Rechargeable

Multi-Color LED Battery Life Indicator

ON-OFF & Intensity Dial:

This Dial is to turn the collar on/off and select the intensity level of stimulation

"OFF" position is to turn off the collar.

Level V  -  the collar will vibrate only.

Level 2 is lowest electrical stimulation and Level 7 is the highest.

From Level 2 to Level 7, the collar will all vibrate first and then follow by electrical stimulation.

Sensitivity Dial

The sensitivity Dial is to adjust the sensitivity to the Dog Bark according to the environments the dog is in.

Level T is the most sensitivity and Level 1 is the lest.

When testing the collar, set it to the level T.

Indicator Light (LED window) and Charge the collar

When turn the collar on, the Green LED light will flash every 2 seconds. If the dog does not bark over 10 seconds, it will turn to the Sleep mode and the LED will turn off.

In the Sleep mode, the bark will activate the collar automatically.

Auto-Protection Mode

If the petrainer keeps activates for 5 times, it will enter into auto-protection mode The LED indicator will turn to a blinking red and green for 1 minute. and then it turns off which means the petrainer goes to sleep mode.

Before going into Sleep mode, when the LED indicator turns to a blinking red light, the battery needs to be recharged. When starting to charge, the blinking red light will stay on red light. If it`s fully charged, the red light will turn to the green light.

1. Open the Battery Charging Rubber cover on the No Bark Collar and plug in and connect the USB connector to the adaptor.

2. Plug the Lithium Polymer Charger into an electrical power outlet of ordinary household

Voltage(110-230V) depending on your local standard.

3. Fully charged with 3 to 4 hours.

Strap Installation

To install the collar strap, first unscrew the contact points and put screws in desired holes, then tighten the contact points as shown below.


1. Turn the collar on by turning OFF & Intensity Dial and set to the V mode.

2. Set the Sensitivity Dial to the "T" Level.

3.  Test by scratching the rough surface of the test tool on the collar (as shown in the diagram) using

a fingernail or pen. The collar will emit a vibration for 1.5 seconds. Then repeat the same process if you want to try it again.

✽ When the No Bark Collar emits a vibration, a stimulation is not emitted at the same time.

✽ When you set the dial on the TEST Level, it may be sensitive enough that the No Bark

Collar can be activated easily by a small sound or tap.

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