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Brand Name:Dog Training Collar


Item Type:Training Collars

Model Number:Remote Pet Dog Training Collar

Item Type:Training & Behaviour Aids


Condition:A brand-new

Electric dog collars:Training Collars

Features 1:Easy Comfortable Beep Mode

Features 2:Safe and Effective

Features 3:Power Saving Rechargeable Battery

Includes 1:Remote Control Transmitter

Includes 2:Two Receivers

Includes 3: Two Straps

Product Summary

""When all traditional training methods don't work on your beloved dog, turn to training collars to

gradually teach him to behave appropriately. Our training collars will help make it easier to care

for your dog, and even more importantly is teaching him to keep out of harm's way prolonging his

healthy lifestyle. We highly recommend you first use the beeping mode in our training collars to

condition your dog to not misbehave. Over time, the dog will come to recognize the sound and

therefore react appropriately when he hears it. Use the shock mode with reservation and as a

last resort. Owning a dog is one of the best experiences to mankind therefore its owner should be

responsible, protect the dog, and give it all the love it deserves. Bless you and Your Dog!"" ---Saint Poodle


Two Dog Training Collar- Includes two receivers and one remote for two dogs

Ease of use-- Set up is a breeze and easy to use due to ergonomic design

Durable--Water resistant and great for rigorous outdoor and indoor training

Conveniently Powered and Energy Saving--Rechargeable collar with optional UK, US, AU, EU charger

Safe and Effective--Rheostat dial that allows for gradual increases in stimulation intensity with no jumps

between 0-100 levels

Easy to Find Your Dog--Light Mode will lid a green LED to let you know where your dog is

Aesthetic--Portable receiver/collar is ideal for small to medium size dogs with no External antenna on

the collar receiver


Model Number: PTRC02 (Two Pet Training Collar)

Dimensions: Strap Fitting Adjustable Up to 22"" In Neck Circumference

Frequency: 433.825MHZ

Transmitter: 3.7V 500ma liP

Receiver: 3.7V 500ma liP

Color: Black


1XRemote Control

2XReceivers For Two Dogs



Testers, Prongs, User Guide

Notes for Use

Pet Training collars are water resistant and are not meant to be submerged in water.

This product is used solely for training. Only by training, the pet can understand the intention

of its owner. Good effect can only be achieved after a period of training.

The valid distance of the remote control means straight line of sight distance between the transmitter

and the receiver without obstacles in between. If there are interference signals or signal on air, the

actual remote control distance may vary.

The Lifetime of the batteries varies according as how often you use the product. Therefore you should

open and check the battery when you hear the beep from the collar receiver and watching the indicator

sign on the LCD screen of the transmitter"

Warm Notice:

1. Both Remote Transmitter and Receiver Collar are energy-saving designed. The Remote Transmitter will

go into STANDBY MODE if there is no operation after 1 minute, and by pressing Mode button you can

activate the transmitter from Standby mode. The Receiver Collar will go into Standby mode if no operation

for 4 minutes. And any movement will activate the Receiver.

2. A startup roller is contained in Receiver Collar, so you will hear sound when the collar is shaking,

don't mistake it as any parts falling off.

Encode signal transmission between Remote Transmitter and Receiver Collar:

1. Press Mode button to turn on Remoter Transmitter and adjust levels of Vibration and Static above 0.

2. Press "1/2" button to select a signal channel.

3. Open the rubber cap and press the switch button inside Receiver, which beeps once to indicate the Receiver is on.

4. Press Y button within 10 seconds to encode the signal, at the same time, the Receiver beeps once.

5. If you fail to press Y button within the 10 seconds period, please repeat steps above.

6. If you have 2 Receiver Collars, press again "1/2" button to select another signal channel for

transmission encoding.

You need charge this product before you start using it for the first time.

How to charge Remote Transmitter:

1) Connect Remote Transmitter to a charger into a standard socket.

2) LED Indicator on Remote Transmitter turns red when charging.

3) Once Remote Transmitter is fully charged, the red LED indicator turns off automatically.

How to charge Receiver Collar

1) Open the rubber cap, connect Receiver Collar to a charger into a standard socket.

2) LED Indicator on Receiver Collar turns red when charging

3. After being fully charge, LED indicator turns yellow and goes into Standby mode if there is no movement.

Warm Notice:

1) Charge the Remote Transmitter and Receiver Collar at least 6 hours for the first charging.

2) Functions of Receiver Collar are disabled and out of control of Remote Transmitter when being charged.

3) Low battery indicator symbol   will be displayed on LCD screen.

4. Receiver Collar keeps beeping continuously if its voltage is under working level.

5) This product is rechargeable. To maintain its proper functions, please charge once a monthly if it is not used.

Warm Notice:

Remember your signal channel setup and don't change it frequently, otherwise remote control does not work!

Test Pet Trainer Training Collar

Static Shock function test

As static function is invisible to our naked eye, please use test light to verify the function.

First press Mode button to switch to Static mode. You can press UP/DOWN button on the right to confirm

LCD index is above 0, as shown in the figure.

Press Y button on Remote Transmitter to see if the test light is on.

Vibration function test:

First press Mode button to switch to Vibration mode. You can press UP/DOWN button on the right to

confirm LCD index is above 0.

Press Y button, the Receiver Collar will vibrate.

Beep alert function test:

First press Mode button to switch to Beep mode. No adjustment is needed under this mode, therefore

LCD index displays 000.

Press Y button, the Receiver Collar will beep.

LED flash function test:

First press Mode button to switch to LED Light mode. No adjustment is needed under this mode,

therefore LCD index displays 000.

Press Y button, the LED light on Receiver Collar will flash red continuously.

Please install nylon collar in accordance with the illustrated figure.

How to wear Receiver Collar correctly:

1. Correct wearing position helps healthy and effective pet training. Receiver shall be placed

on bottom of your pet's neck, and the screw cap must contact pet's skin directly.

2. If your pet has a thick fur in the neck place, please use longer screw caps.

3. A spacing to hold a finger shall be maintained between Receiver Collar and your pet's skin.

However the Receiver Collar can't be too loose, otherwise static effectiveness shall be badly influenced.

4. Too long Receiver Collar can be trimmed, or be handled with other methods.

Pet Trainer shutdown:

1. Remote Transmitter is energy-saving designed. The Remote Transmitter goes into Standby mode

after 1 minute without movement, or you can press and hold Mode button for 3 seconds to shutdown.

2. Receiver Collar is energy-saving designed. The Receiver Collar goes into Standby mode after

4 minutes without movement, Press and hold for 3 seconds the switch inside Receiver Collar to shutdown


1. High-end transmission technology is used in the remote control Transmitter, therefore you need

not aim directly at Receiver Collar, the signal can go through obstacles such as walls and other

things, however, the effective distance will be decreased.

2. A list of factors, including but not limited to signal station, magnetic field, obstacle, battery volume,

other wireless devices nearby, landform, vegetative cover, etc, shall also influence transmission of

signals from remote transmitter and the actual effective distance of the Remote Transmitter.

3. This product is a pet trainer. Therefore, your pet can understand your intention only through

actual training activities. Good outcomes could be achieved only after certain period of intensive training.

4. Keep active training, and each training shall not be too long, 10-15 minutes is suggested.

5. Currently, our product is the most effective and safest pet training tool in the market. Follow the

correct training steps, you can get your pet effectively and successfully trained without being harmed.

6. Any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or our local dealers.

Regular maintenance:

Please examine regularly to ensure tightness of Remote Transmitter and eliminate any external damages.

Clean the screw caps with alcohol weekly.

Examine your pet's neck and carry out weekly cleanup.

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